Microsoft Finally Saw Where The Developers are Going

Today I revived my hope on Microsoft as I received the news that they released their brand new “product” for their fellow developers. The release I am talking about is the official Metro theme for jQuery Mobile. The awesome mobile framework finally got some Microsoft love.

In December of last year I got a new device to develop for, a HTC Titan, running the latest Windows Phone 7.5 Mango build. I loved the OS UI and how the applications were information-centric and not just eye-candy, but there was one problem, the same way C# is a incredible language for a lot of things, it’s parsing functions, for JSON specifically, are very difficult to learn and the articles about it were made for senior C# developers, which makes it difficult for beginners like me to understand them, at least I now can develop using the technology I love most for mobile development: Cordova (aka PhoneGap).

I always wanted to use Cordova for my WP7 projects but the Metro interface was way too complex to build from scratch and since the WP7 build of Cordova was on it’s early stages there were some features still to be implemented, for example there was no way to prevent the app from scrolling and some other things. Now there are plenty of plugins to make the app as native as possible and with the latest help from Microsoft, the Cordova development community has another great platform with almost full support of the native web app framework.

It’s great to see that Microsoft finally realized that the future of development has Javascript, HTML and CSS as the main languages. That’s why I have hopes that Boot to Gecko gets some market attraction and becomes a popular platform.

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The Perfect App For Cydia App Developers

Sometimes Apple reject apps that I develop and so I have to publish them at Cydia. The problem is that you need to make your icon design manually instead of letting Apple crop, add the glass effect and the shadow. Today I was searching at Google for this and I found a great app on Cydia called IconMaker, it does all the work for you instantaneously and just by clicking a button.

It’s Time For Google To Take Advantage Of Motorola Mobility

So yesterday the US Justice Department approved the Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility and in my opinion Google must take advantage of Moto. I’m not talking only about patents, but about the situation where Motorola is at right now.

The only company that is truly succeeding with Android handset sales is Samsung. Motorola is putting the worst skin, ever created, on their phones and making lots of mistakes with their consumers, the best example is the Droid RAZR Maxx released one month after the Droid RAZR, and the development community, by building a phone for developers that is exactly the same as the RAZR but with an unlocked bootloader.

Google should start to use Motorola to make phones without any skins and just like the Nexus line. Pure stock Android, unlocked bootloader and all the awesome stuff the community wants. This might attract users too since they can advertise them as Google certified phones, just like they do with the Nexus line.

Windows Phone developer experience leaves for Amazon

This is a great thing for Amazon, they are needing more developer support for their App Store or maybe some big announcement is coming, but on the other side this is terrible/a complete failure for Microsoft.

I have a Windows Phone sitting on my desk, along side with an iPhone an iPad and some other Android phones/tablet. I love the Metro interface and the experience it gaves, you can easily get to your information without having to do much, but WP7 isn’t going very well on the phone market, mainly because of the lack of apps, which is why I always bring my iPhone with me when I want get out with my HTC Titan.

I tried to develop some apps for Windows Phone on my Mac running Windows inside a VM, which was a terrible experience because Visual Studio was slow as hell, but the first problem I had was the lack of simple tutorials to know how to integrate C# and Silverlight for beginners, things like how to retrieve and parse a RSS feed and then populate a list with the info.

Microsoft needs to get the attention of developers fast. RIM is at least trying and they maybe get a good amount of developers to develop apps for their platform too.

I’ve selected a great comment by Jordz95 at The Verge’s article:

Knowing what Steve Ballmer is like, he’ll probably just blow up and shout “That F****ng Amazon” like that time a certain employee moved to Google and went crazy at them…

Apart from that this is not good for Microsoft since they already lack having a lot of developers to back the WP7 platform (which don’t get me wrong is an amazing OS, but once again lacks having lots of Apps). So therefore Microsoft is going to have to speed up the competition before Amazon ‘snatches’ their small market-share in the Smartphone and Tablet Industry away from them.