about me

A picture of me smiling with my workbench as the background I'm a full-stack developer (although I prefer the backend), creative technologist and an electronics engineer born in Brazil and currently living in Portugal. You can find me working on almost anything that involves electricity, both in terms of hardware and software. Building things has always been a passion of mine, so you'll notice that I'm always self-motivated to work on new projects that involve technology. Some of the things that I've worked on have been used by hundreds of thousands of people, maybe into the millions depending on who's counting, and my work has definitely reached at least tens of millions.

I'm currently dedicating some of my time to passing some of my knowledge to another generation and having a lot of fun working on creative projects with my students and colleagues at IADE - Creative University. I'm mostly involved with the Creative Technologies, Games Development, and Computer Science degrees.

If you browse this website, my GitHub profile, or my company's website you'll notice that I'm capable of building quite a lot of amazing things. If you're looking for someone with my skillset either for your company or to make your idea become a reality feel free to reach out to me at .

this website

As you can clearly notice this website doesn't look like your regular client-side rendered, Javascript-dependent, bloated, spying, and resource hungry webpage that's so prevalent today. I despise the way things currently are, the web used to be such a wonderful place and currently it's simply depressing. I hate so much how the modern website is built that I've decided to build a proper website that adheres to the smolweb guidelines .

This website was built to showcase that you don't need gigabytes of node modules in order to build a webpage, and most importantly just because Baseline tells you to target the "almost latest and greatest" doesn't mean you should. This website is built to be properly rendered on almost any web browser, from Lynx to Netscape on Windows 3.11 to the latest version of Chrome Canary.

The main goal behind this website is to bring back the joy of the old web days and allow me to publish more things online, something that I felt I was less and less inclined to do given our current social media realities. Building this website brought back that joy I felt when I first started building webpages and I hope will allow me to keep motivated to continue publishing more of what I'm currently up to.

You can check the source code that powers this amazing webpage here. I'm currently working on a solution to hosting my Git repositories on GitHub, so that they are more accessible to everyone (I hate how you can't clone a repo on an older Linux machine anymore), but since I already have a local Git server that only mirrors things to GitHub I need to figure out a three way solution that is publicly accessible and won't be fiddly to maintain.