2024-07-20 Old Computer Challenge 2024 - Day 5
2024-07-19 Old Computer Challenge 2024 - Day 4
2024-07-18 Old Computer Challenge 2024 - Day 3
2024-07-17 Old Computer Challenge 2024 - Day 2
2024-07-16 Old Computer Challenge 2024 - Day 1
2024-07-15 Old Computer Challenge 2024 - Day 0
2024-07-11 Create timelapse videos with a GoPro, ffmpeg and bash
2024-07-09 The sad state of macOS icons
2024-07-06 Setting up a FreeBSD file server
2024-07-05 I'm building this website


2021-04-26 MintyCharger Released!
2021-04-06 Revisiting an Old Project: MintyCharger
2021-04-06 Levissimo: A Perl Static Blog Generator
2021-04-05 Setup File Screens to Block macOS System Files Being Created on Windows Server Network Shares


2016-11-02 MintyVCAtt - Altoids Tin VCA
2016-10-31 Flower Pot Night Light
2016-03-28 Incredible Chinese USB Car Power Supply
2016-02-19 MintyUSBoost: A tiny boost converter for low power projects


2015-12-27 I'm Back!


2014-10-11 Power12: The Mini6 Again, But Better
2014-09-11 Mini6 Amplifier
2014-08-04 Building the Mini12
2014-07-02 Low Power 120V+240V Isolation Transformer
2014-05-16 Generic Chinese MP3 Player Teardown
2014-05-14 Lightwave AM Transmitter/Receiver
2014-05-11 Unbelievable Prices
2014-04-07 Using a HPC on a Daily Basis


2013-11-01 Logitech Wireless Anywhere MX
2013-03-11 The New Wave of Vaporware
2013-01-20 The Google Tax
2013-01-15 Getting Rid Of Physical Buttons: The Right Way


2012-11-20 My Raspberry Pi Post-Mortem
2012-11-13 The Linux GUI Development Nightmare
2012-10-07 If it's Good I Don't Care Which License it Uses
2012-09-12 Apple, What Are You Doing?
2012-08-25 RIM is Doing it Right
2012-07-10 UNIX Fragmentation 2.0: Android
2012-06-24 There is a Market For The Nokia PureView
2012-06-17 Conclusions From The Microsoft Surface Keynote
2012-06-08 Using bbUI's onscreenready and ondomready to Dynamically Change Your HTML
2012-06-01 Stephen King and eBooks
2012-05-26 How To Setup And Use NativeControls In PhoneGap
2012-05-21 My Dream Reading Device
2012-05-16 Why is it so Difficult to Think in The Connected Era?
2012-05-02 We Don't Need Another SIM Standard
2012-04-30 We Are Living The $0.99 Application Era
2012-04-30 Microsoft Finally Saw Where The Developers are Going
2012-04-21 Why You Should Start Dart'ing Right Now
2012-04-13 There is Still a Market for Resistive Displays
2012-04-08 Apps I Can't Live a Day Without (Android Edition)
2012-04-07 Interpreted is The Future
2012-04-06 OAuth Broke The Internet
2012-04-06 Mobile Search Redefined
2012-02-05 Windows 8 is Already Fragmented
2012-02-02 Why Barnes & Noble Can't Compete With Amazon
2012-01-30 If Google Made WebOS Instead Of Android
2012-01-27 HP Enyo Has Joined The Movement
2012-01-24 It's Not The End For SOPA, It's Just The Beginning Of a New Era
2012-01-21 50.000 But There's Still a Long Way To Go
2012-01-08 The Raspberry Pi Will Bring Fun To Computers Again


2011-12-24 5 Android Apps For Old Twitter App Lovers
2011-12-17 Do We Really Need Choices?
2011-12-08 A Faster, Simpler and Redesigned Twitter
2011-12-08 Want a Real Flipboard Alternative on Android? Try Google Currents
2011-12-05 Tech Companies Don't Care About "New Markets"
2011-11-23 First Impressions on The Kindle (2011)
2011-11-02 How eBooks Changed My Reading Habits
2011-10-26 Read It Later Will Change The Way We Bookmark
2011-10-23 The Amazon Kindle Fire
2011-10-22 What To Do Before You Start Digging Into The Code
2011-09-20 5 Apps To Be More Productive On Android
2011-09-09 The iPad is Not Safe Anymore!